Cosmetology services with Unidermix cosmetics at the Damas Medical Center for Innovative Medicine


Cosmetology services using Unidermix cosmetics at the Damas Medical Center for Innovative Medicine. Moscow, st. Sadovnicheskaya 39, building 13, Novokuznetskaya metro station (8 minutes from the metro station).

  • Ultrasonic facial cleansing (25 minutes)


    Aesthetic cosmetology is a direction in cosmetology, consisting of many different procedures, with a minimum list of contraindications and aggressive effects on the skin.

    Procedures are carried out on high-class cosmeceuticals, with elements of massage and SPA procedures.

    Ultrasonic facial cleansing (toning, cleansing, ultrasound, care with Unidermix cosmetics) (25 min).

  • Lymphatic drainage facial massage 25 minutes


    Lymphatic drainage massage is a technique of hardware / manual impact that affects the movement of lymph in the body.

    Lymphatic drainage massage is performed on the face and various parts of the body. Facial massage allows you to reduce mimic wrinkles, get rid of puffiness and acne, as well as improve skin elasticity. Lymphatic drainage massage of the body effectively fights cellulite, swelling and fat deposits.

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