Revitalizing mask based on Orchid stem cells

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Provides deep nutrition and restoration of the skin of the face and neck. A powerful formula based on orchid stem cells stimulates skin renewal, helps relieve inflammation and provide protection from free radicals. Helps to smooth out fine lines. The formula is enriched with high-molecular and low-molecular hyaluronic acid, allowing you to affect the upper and deeper layers of the skin.

Volume: 100 ml

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Active ingredients

Calanthe Calanthe discolor extract Calanthe is an Orchid variety rich in minerals and trace elements. Cascade dynamic extraction, followed by processing of the substrate, produces a unique extract saturated with meristem (stem) cells of the orchid.

It is rarely used in traditional cosmetology due to the high cost of production technology, and is only available as part of premium brand cosmetic products. The main action of Orchid stem cells is to prevent early aging of the skin of the face, neck and decollete area. Has the following benefits:

  1. Prevents skin aging
  2. Hydrates the skin
  3. Tones the skin
  4. Reduces inflammation
  5. Nourishes and softens the skin
  6. Relieves irritation, especially after heavy or professional makeup
Kaolin Kaolin Kaolin or white clay is a natural mineral based on aluminosilicates. In its pure form, it is a white powder, slightly greasy to the touch.

It contains many trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the skin. First of all, this is silicon, which affects the top layers of the skin and stimulates collagen production, increases firmness and elasticity, accelerates metabolism in the cells. Manganese absorbs excess skin fat and helps regulate the sebaceous glands. The third active component of kaolin is aluminum, which is an astringent.

In smaller quantities, white clay contains zinc, potassium, calcium, and nitrogen. Thanks to this composition, kaolin removes toxins and dirt from the skin, narrows the pores, and controls the sebaceous glands, which is essential for oily skin types. Thanks to the more moderate production of sebum, the pores are not clogged, and the black spots are gradually cleared. Kaolin also has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, helping to treat problem skin. In addition, regular use of cosmetics with white clay accelerates blood circulation, respectively, improves skin nutrition, blush appears on the cheeks, skin tone evens out, and traces of post-acne gradually lighten and smooth out. The anti-aging effect is due to increased collagen production.

Cacao butter Theobroma cacao seed butter Is widely used In effective cosmetology.

The chemical composition of cocoa butter is three-and two-acid triglycerides mixed with fatty acids - oleic, stearic, lauric, palmitic, linoleic, arachinic.

  • Rejuvenating. Cocoa butter tones the skin, smoothes fine lines, especially in the corners of the eyes, restores cell membranes, gives the skin smoothness and elasticity.
  • Moisturizing. Cocoa butter supports the hydrolipidic balance of the skin, preventing it from drying out and cracking.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Due to the content of polyphenols cocoa butter prevents exacerbations of eczema and dermatitis.
  • Softening. Cocoa butter is easily absorbed and penetrates deeply into the skin, retaining moisture and preventing roughness.
  • Healing. Cocoa butter smoothes scars from boils and acne, accelerates the healing of burns.
  • Protective. Cocoa butter prevents the penetration of toxins and harmful substances from an environmentally unfavorable environment into the skin, enhances the effect of sunscreen components, and protects the skin from chapping and frostbite.
  • Whitening. Cocoa butter prevents the appearance of freckles and age spots after sun exposure.
Karite Butyrospermum parkii Shea butter (Karite) is a fatty oil obtained from the seeds of the fruit of the Karite tree. It has the consistency of butter and keeps it at a temperature of up to 35C.

Has a rich texture and a creamy hue. The main components are triglycerides of oleic (40-45%), stearic (35-45%), palmitic and other unsaturated acids. A good emollient, nourishes, moisturizes, softens, soothes, protects the skin from the sun's rays and promotes its recovery, has anti-inflammatory activity and regenerating properties.

  • Rejuvenating. Karite oil has strong regenerating properties, activates the synthesis of collagen and restores skin elasticity.
  • Protective. Unsaponifiable fats that are part of karite oil are natural UV filters and protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight.
  • Regulatory. Shea butter regulates the moisture content of the body, relieves swelling, bruising and wrinkles in the eye area.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Karite oil eliminates irritation and flaking on the skin, treats acne, burns, reduces scars and marks.
  • Smoothing. Karite oil deeply softens the skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles, relieves the feeling of tightness of the skin, and prevents the appearance of stretch marks in pregnant women.
  • Moisturizing. Karite oil is quickly absorbed and enhances the barrier properties of the skin, protecting it from moisture loss.
Edelweiss extract Leontopodium alpinum callus culture extract Is got from a cell culture extracted from the plant. Fights skin ptosis, especially in the neck area, by protecting the mitochondrial network and extracellular matrix from the effects of oxidative stress.

Edelweiss stem cells are rich in leontopodic acid, protect against oxidative stress (air pollution, UV radiation) and restore skin elasticity, resuming the process of mitochondrial division. Protects the integrity of the extracellular matrix and promotes the production of collagen, stimulates the viability of adult skin stem cells, and protects against cellular aging. Effectively smoothes facial wrinkles.

This ingredient has been extensively tested in vivo and in vitro. There is a large evidence base for effectiveness.

Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid is an innovative active ingredient in cosmetic products. It differs from ordinary hyaluronic acid by the size of the molecule.

It also has the ability to penetrate the skin without resorting to injections. Since hydrolyzed acid molecules have the ability to fill the intercellular space. It is obtained by splitting into ordinary acid molecules by hydrolysis. Small nanoparticles of hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis, filling the skin with moisture, improving its appearance and complexion.

Hyaluronic acid has the main property-to retain moisture in the deep layers of the skin. One acid molecule contains 200-500 units of water and maintains skin elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid also slows down the oxidation processes in the tissues that lead to skin aging. To put in in another way, it has an antioxidant effect. Hyaluronic acid reacts with receptors located on the surface of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and other elements that help restore the epidermis.

Since low-molecular acid has the ability to penetrate into the deep layers without the use of injections, as a part of this mask it contributes to:

  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Deep skin hydration
  • Compaction of the upper layers of the epidermis
  • Reducing skin dehydration
  • Matrix lift
  • Improving the appearance of mature skin
  • Alignment of the complexion
  • Filling in wrinkles and fine lines
Rice bran wax Rice bran wax Rice bran wax is made of the base oil of the same name. As part of the mask Unidermix it has the following properties on the skin:
  • Moisturizing. Rice wax in cosmetics retains moisture, forming a thin hygroscopic film on the skin that prevents water loss; softens and smoothes the skin; it is especially effective in caring for the skin around the eyes.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Rice wax is included in cosmetics to reduce inflammation and improve wound healing, as it contains the natural plant hormone triacontanol.
  • Protective. Rice wax in cosmetics protects the skin from the effects of ultraviolet light.
  • Rejuvenating. Rice wax in cosmetics contains a large amount of fatty acids, squalene, phospholipids that stimulate cellular renewal, and also has antioxidant properties, preventing skin aging, supports facial turgor, and smoothes wrinkles.


  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Hydroxyethylurea
  • Glyceryl stearate
  • Peg-100 stearate
  • Cyclopentasiloxane
  • Dimethiconol
  • Kaolin
  • Biosaccharide gum-1
  • Cyclomethicone/dimethicone
  • Rice bran wax
  • Butyrospermum parkii
  • Acetamidoethoxyethanol
  • Theobroma cacao seed butter
  • Cetearyl alcohol
  • Calanthe discolor extract
  • Xantan gum
  • Gluconolactone
  • Calcium gluconate
  • Fragrance
  • Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid
  • Tocopherol
  • Dehydroacetic acid
  • Benzoic acid
  • Phenoxyethanol


Apply a small amount of the mask to the previously cleansed skin of the face and neck. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Apply a face cream from the Unidermix line.

Use once or twice a week.


Data sheet

Viscous opaque
Light beige
Product volume
100 ml
Moderate amount for one application

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Мама очень довольна

Моя мама фанат UNIDERMIX, поэтому я купила то, чем она пользуется уже несколько лет без перерыва. Со слов мамы это лучшая маска, которая у неё была. Маме 56 лет и кожа в идеальном состоянии, благодаря качественному уходу.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Отличная маска за такие небольшие деньги

Не ожидала получить настолько выраженный эффект после первого применения! Консистенция достаточно плотная - маска ложиться на кожу очень хорошо, плюс требуется небольшое её количество. Выдержав указанное время применения, я смыла маску с лица (достаточно легко) и очень сильно удивилась увидев результат : тон кожи был выровнен просто идеально, поры сузились и ушел жирный блеск. Бонусом-натуральный состав и приятный аромат средства. Действительно работающая маска, рекомендую!



На 5+

Знакомая посоветовала эту маску. Вначале я немножко сомневалась стоит ли покупать, так как бренд достаточно новый. Но глядя на реальные изменения кожи подруги я решила купить маску и понаблюдать. Честно говоря - осталась в диком восторге! Эффект на лицо, как говорится - из жирного блестящего, с прыщами и точками лица - у меня теперь просто фарфоровое прекрасное личико. Я довольна максимально.



Я нашла идеальную маску!

Шикарная маска и достаточно бюджетная. После применения кожа мягкая , гладкая и чувствуется что поры сузились. Маска отлично выравнивает тон лица! Очень освежает и увлажняет. Кожа прям сияет изнутри!



Хорошая маска

Очень хорошая увлажняющая маска. Увидела рекламу в инстаграм у любимого блогера и решила заказать. Текстура кремообразная, приятная. Ничего не течет с лица, не стягивает кожу. После смытия чувство увлажнения и напитанности. Эффект заметен уже после первого применения.



Профессиональный уход для дома ;)

В своем ценовом диапазоне маска просто отличная! Взяла ее по рекомендации одного бьюти-блогера и не пожалела. Кожа после нее мягкая, абсолютно нет стянутости. Мне также показалось, что она очень хорошо распаривает кожу и убирает черные точки. У нее достаточно плотная консистенция, а это значит что расходуется очень экономно. Подсыхает за 10-15 минут, смывается без усилий.



Мое спасение от чёрных точек!

Отличная маска, очень хорошо очищает лицо, нет никаких неприятных следов и ощущений после применения. Мне 30, использую на нормальной коже , немного склонной к жирности. После первого применения поры стали выглядеть заметно лучше. Объём большой, хватает надолго. Планирую приобрести еще одну баночку в запас.

Revitalizing mask based on Orchid stem cells

Provides deep nutrition and restoration of the skin of the face and neck. A powerful formula based on orchid stem cells stimulates skin renewal, helps relieve inflammation and provide protection from free radicals....

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