Top 3 innovative Unidermix remedies for water retention

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Men and women of different ages face the problem of swelling around the eyes. The cause of excessive fluid accumulation can be caused by many factors: improper nutrition, disturbed sleep, physiological changes in the body, as well as postoperative consequences.

If this problem gets worse, you need to contact a specialist and undergo a course of treatment, and you can deal with daily swelling with the help of specially developed innovative cosmetics.

When choosing medications to reduce puffiness, you need to pay attention to their composition! It is extremely important that they have components that act on blood microcirculation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. This ensures a drainage effect on both night and morning swelling.

Cosmoplastica together with experts have compiled the list of TOP products of the innovative natural cosmetics Unidermix for the fight against swelling and puffiness!

Unidermix cosmetics s a balanced line of facial care products that include plant extracts and rare ingredients. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

For example, an Eyelids moisturizing fluid with silk proteins and mint oil extracts will be your best assistant in the fight against morning and night puffiness!

It contains silk proteins, aloe vera, centella, mint essential oil and lactic acid! The action of the fluid is aimed at solving problems such as puffiness around the eyes, fine lines, poor skin turgor, loss of elasticity of the dermis. It can be used both in the evening and in the morning, 2-3 drops evenly distributed on the area around the eyes.

A great complementation to the fluid will be a Face serum with Sandalwood oil and vitamin complex! Its main task is to moisturize and saturate the skin. The main advantage is a fast-acting and at the same time noticeable cumulative effect! The high-molecular composition allows you to affect the deepest layers of the dermis.

Speaking of a comprehensive approach to the fight against swelling - do not forget about night care! The best remedy is a Nourishing night cream with Black Rose and Jasmine extracts. The manufacturer emphasizes that the cream is quite multifunctional: tightening the pores, evening the color and relief of the skin, as well as lifting and reducing puffiness.

Just three simple steps will allow you to forget about swelling and puffiness forever: water balance, proper daily routine and TOP 3 products of innovative cosmetics Unidermix!


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