UNIDERMIX – the cosmetics of new generation!

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UNIDERMIX – face cosmetics created on the basis of the rarest active ingredients and extracts of plants and flowers from all over the world.

The line consists of only eight products for skin care of the face and neck, but managed to conquer tens of thousands of women, thanks to the convenience and versatility of products.

The Unidermix product line consists of:

  • Moisturizing day cream with Ginseng bioextract
  • Nourishing night cream with Black Rose and Jasmine extracts
  • Revitalizing mask based on Orchid stem cells
  • Eyelids moisturizing fluid with silk proteins and mint oil extracts
  • Face serum with Sandalwood oil and vitamin complex
  • Skin radiance fluid with Jericho Resurrection flower extract
  • Micellar water with fruit acids
  • Face washing clay with fruit acids

Cosmetics is saturated with an incredibly subtle range of scents, inhaling which creates a complete sense of presence in a blooming garden or rainforest during the flowering period of orchids. The textures are weightless and have a high degree of absorbency.

Must have lines and a product that deserves maximum attention is an eyelids moisturizing fluid with silk proteins and mint oil extracts. A product that removes puffiness of the eye area with an incredible speed of a lightning, leaving a pleasant feeling of mint freshness and silkiness of the delicate skin around the eyes.

It is worth noting that the Unidermix brand, with the abundance of such a large number of active ingredients and plant extracts, has prioritized the hypoallergenic properties of its products.

Cosmetics has become a discovery for the consumer who is tempted by the abundance of cosmetology products, who increasingly chooses the product not only for its good qualities, but also for its attitude to nature and the environment. Package is made from recyclable materials and products are not tested on animals.

Source: cosmoplastica.ru

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