Spring transformation: how to restore the skin after winter

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With the onset of spring, we intuitively want freshness, lightness and renewal. Experts from Unidermics Cosmetics tell you which treatments will help remove signs of fatigue from the face, fill the skin with energy and beauty, and prepare it for the change of seasons.

Transforming care

The first step to restoring the skin after winter is the correction of daily beauty rituals. During the colder months, the skin is subjected to additional stressors. Among them, air dried by heating, deficiency of vitamins and sunlight, decreased immunity.

As a result, even with oily skin, dryness and flaking can occur, and with dry skin, sensitivity increases and irritation increases. It is important to notice these changes in time: perhaps some funds need to be added to your regular care now, while others should be abandoned for now.

Strengthening the impact

In winter, the aggressive impact of the external environment depletes the resources of the skin, due to which it becomes dull and flabby. New wrinkles appear, and existing shallow ones form into creases. Often there is swelling of the face and swelling in the area around the eyes.

Concentrated products - serums and masks - allow you to restore the energy balance of the skin. Due to the enhanced composition, they saturate it with active ingredients necessary for powerful hydration and regeneration.

Pay attention to the composition of products. For example, ingredients with a lymphatic drainage effect, such as butcher's needle, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, and wheat germ extract, will help relieve puffiness.

We solve problems in a complex way

Intensive exfoliation procedures provide deep cleansing of the skin, even out its tone and surface, and start rejuvenation processes. Depending on the indications, the cosmetologist selects the optimal type of peeling: hardware, ultrasonic, manual, using an Uno spoon or vacuum facial cleaning with Silk Pell hydro-peeling.

In the off-season, intensive nutrition and skin moisturizing procedures are recommended to restore its turgor and protective barrier, as well as harmonize internal metabolic processes. In combination with high-quality home care, such professional beauty rituals provide an amazing effect!

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